Guillermo Umbría
Barcelona, Spain 1968

On the edge of the Mediterranean, just a few miles from the
French border is Guillermo's home. Barcelona is world renowned for the architectural wonders of Gaudi, Miralles, Calatrava and as the artist haven of Picasso, Dali, and Miro

Guillermo's photographic experiences began as a boy, learning
from his father - a professional photographer and film director. Early in his career, he worked as a drafter and photographer at an engineering and architectural firm, and studied photography at three different institutes in Barcelona. As the information and technology age evolved, the digital movement brought in by this era fascinated Guillermo.

" My true foundation came from the most reputable labs of Barcelona, where I developed professional relationships with eminent photographers from Spain and Europe. Years of training and experience with chemical manipulation and image correction has rewarded me with an uncommon vision of the photographic world."

His background and knowledge allows him to watch, wait and recognize the right moment when light creates the particular image he wishes to capture. On the other side of the camera in his studio, he facilitates that "magic moment" by orchestrating light to produce the desired photograph.

Some of Guillermo's clients are:

City Of Memphis - Office of the Mayor
St. Jude Childen's Reseach Hospital

Memphis International Film Festival
South Main Association
SEE the Difference Interiors
Blue Tree Group
Park Place Hotel
Mario Lara - Facility Management / Investments / Architecture
Lynne Bowers
Wings Cancer Foundation
Jay Etkin
Marlene Gwathney
Dr. Allen Portner
George Bougher
Diane's Art . Gift . Home
Cafe de Las Flores
Latino Memphis
Super Tú 96.1 FM